San Ramon Dynamos FC

5 months ago
Controversy over kneeling and Nike commercial again. Dynamos FC will require players to stand as normal. The anthem not only represents Americans, but also it represents the better life that immigrants have sought and found here. Legal or illegal, documented or undocumented, so many parents risked everything they had and left so much behind knowing they would never see their home again. They did it so that their children would have better lives and better opportunities. No country is perfect-if they were we would not need immigration-but I, as an immigrant, tip my hat and stand hand on heart for the playing of the anthem because it represents the enormous sacrifice that these immigrants have made, documented or not, and it represents the reason why they did. We are very much a mixed club with many immigrants alongside our American players. We are proud of our diversity. We are proud of the American dream and the immigrants who have fought hard to offer it to their children. Leaving your homeland for your kids is an incredibly unselfish act and should be recognized. Next time you stand for the national anthem, remember the huge immigrant population here who are just as much a part of that flag as anyone else. Remember the immigrant heroes who gave up their lives for their children. Remember the soldiers who have died for our freedom and that includes our freedom to continue fixing what is broken here, including immigration. Remember the civil rights leaders who have fought to better the country and put right the wrongs. Don't think of a guy who thinks kneeling down during the anthem is the ultimate sacrifice, having become a millionaire from throwing a ball. There are still many problems in this country just like every other country but here there us a system to fix thing. Use it. #dontkneelvote
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